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Solano County resident for 30 years
  • Benicia - 7 years
  • Vallejo - 3 years
  • Dixon - 15 years
  • Vallejo - 5 years
  • BA Drama/Speech, CSU, Chico
  • Std. Sec. Teaching Credential, CSU, Chico
  • Administrative Credential, CSU, Sacramento
  • MS Educational Leadership, CSU, East Bay
Work History
  • 16 years private industry
  • Teacher - Vallejo High School
  • Administrator - Vallejo High School
  • Vice Principal - Woodland High School
  • Education Programs Consultant - California Dept. of Education
    • Charter Schools​ Oversight
    • Career Technical Education
  • VCUSD Trustee​ (my retirement job)
  1. Hire a new Superintendent with the skills and ability to address the nuts and bolts of district business and has the vision to move it forward.
  2. Move forward in Strategic Planning for the district and include Vallejo Community Stakeholders in the process.
  3. Ensure that all teachers are provided the necessary training and tools to effectively do their job and feel valued.
  4. Identify areas of student need and interest and develop programs to attract new students.
  5. Continue progress made in student attendance, academic achievement, school safety and financial solvency.